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Trailer Units

Ram Products, Inc. Custom Built Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Oklahoma's Go-To for Custom Trailer Mounted Mobile Wash Systems

So, you need a trailer mounted pressure washer system? Well, we're here to help. Ram Products, Inc. is one of the few companies in the region with full capabilities to design and build a custom built-to-order mobile wash system, all in-house. 

Why Choose Ram Products?

Here at Ram, building custom trailer mounted pressure washer systems has been an integral part of our business for a number of years. We've built trailers for some of the biggest industrial corporations in the area, who demand the absolute most out of their machinery. Our trailers have the expert knowledge of our staff going into the design and completion of every unit that rolls through our shop. We assist our customers in selecting the proper equipment to get the job done, from the trailer itself, to the particular pressure washer that drives the entire system, all the way down to the nuts and bolts that hold everything together. The customer has full control over the project, as well as the backing of an expert team, 35 years in the making. Everything is done in-house, saving you money. Together, we'll design a trailer that will meet every demand it faces for years to come. 

What options are available?

Options for a custom trailer mounted pressure washer system are virtually endless. To simplify the process, we've broken it down into a few simple steps.

First, the trailer itself is chosen. Options include, but are not limited to, single or tandem axles, 12' or 16' steel or wood beds, optional braking system, as well as different capacities. Custom dimension trailers are also available for fabrication. Single axle trailers are used for lighter-duty applications requiring lower weight and can accomodate up to a 325 gallon storage tank. Tandem axle trailers are used for heavy-duty applications, such as supporting up to a 525 gallon storage tank and a large skid-mounted hot water pressure washer. Tandem axle units have a much higher payload, but it comes at the cost of increased weight and less maneuverability.

Next, the heart of the system is selected - the pressure washers. The particular model used is dictated by pressure and volume requirements, temperature requirements (hot or cold water), belt or direct drive, and diesel or gasoline power.

After you've decided which pressure washer to use, we'll decide whether or not to employ water and/or detergent/antifreeze storage tanks. In the case that storage tanks are used, water reservoir tanks up to 525 gallons for tandem axle trailers and 325 gallons for single axle trailers can be used. Detergent and antifreeze tanks are smaller. Detergent tanks are used to store soaps or acids when required, and antifreeze tanks store antifreeze for easy and convenient winterization of the machine when required. It is these features that enable the system to be truly standalone, requiring no soap or water input - everything is stored onboard.

Lastly, accessories and plumbing is selected. This is the step where options really start to grow. Custom plumbing and drainage systems can be installed, as well as hose reels, hoses (chosen by pressure rating and length), surface cleaners, turbo-nozzles, and much more. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever it is that your job demands, a mobile wash system can be made to meet them. Why not trust Oklahoma's most experienced and capable trailer mounted pressure washer system manufacturer to help make it happen?

Take a look at some of our previously built trailer mounted systems. Click images to enlarge.


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