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The first Steiner tractor was intended to be a one of a kind. Handcrafted in a machine shop serving the rich farming area of Wayne County, Ohio, the original unit astonished even the designers and builders. In a short time several more machines were built for the Steiner family. Friends and neighbors saw and operated the unusual little tractor and insisted the Steiner Company “build some more” – and area dealers were soon asking, as they do today, to represent the brand of products that launched the machine shop into manufacturing. Today’s Steiner tractors are still built around the principle of building the kind of machine you would build for yourself. The Steiner tractor is tailored to be customizable to each owner so that as the owners needs change so does their Steiner. With over 35 attachments and accessories that till, sweep, load, plow, trench, mow, and much, much more – you can do just about anything with a Steiner!

Ram Products is the only place in central Oklahoma that offers Steiner products. We stock gasoline and diesel models, as well as an extensive line of attachments.


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