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Whats in Store for 2017

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Among the flurry of changes that we at Ram Products are currently undertaking, we thought that implementing a blog into our toolbox would be an excellent conduit to communicate what's happening with both our business and the equipment industry as a whole. So, for a first post, I'm going to share with all of you all of the exciting things that are taking place in the world of Ram Products and what it means for you - the customer. The goal of these entries will be centered around answering the question, "what does the customer need to know?"

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a customer or potential customer of Ram Products. With that assumption in mind, I’m going to tell you about all the ways we’re transforming our business into a technologically driven, well-oiled machine that exists to better meet your needs.

2016 was a particularly trying year on anyone with ties to the petroleum industry, regardless of whether or not they had been prepared for the troughs that such a volatile is sure to bring. For the team at Ram Products, it was felt just as lot of other organizations because much of our business comes directly from the oil field or from oil field support. As 2016 went on without any sort of recovery on the horizon, we made the decision to bring more to the tables of our customers so as to do our part in assisting our neighbors in weathering the lack of market activity.

First, we acquired a line of air compressors, and though it was a great addition to our product lineup, we still strived to aim higher. Next, we acquired a line of aerosols, which, again, was convenient for everyone, but still, our goal was to invoke an image of a world class equipment supplier by not only having the offerings of such a business, but also having the same level of service. So, again, we needed to offer even more. That is, until we came upon a product that allowed for a smooth transition of skills from our existing knowledge pool and was a sizeable addition to our already respectable line of products – lawn equipment.

Ram Products Industrial and Commercial Equipment Supplier in Oklahoma City

Within a very short period of time, we picked up BigDog Mower Co, Husqvarna, Steiner Tractor Co and Altoz Precision Mowers. It was the perfect acquisition. On the service side, much of the technology and equipment used on zero-turn mowers is almost the same or very similar to what we’d been working on for years on industrial pressure washers and cleaning equipment. So naturally, we took it one step further – we added handheld equipment to the lineup – weedeaters, chainsaws, blowers, etc. And this was just the beginning.

2016 saw the publication of our website, the ramping up of our online social media presence, a new logo & rebranding campaign, implementation of marketing strategies, the expansion of our sales team, and something a little more tangible - the reorganization of our service center, including a large showroom expansion, which is currently being constructed.

In short, we’re making big changes in order to become a more influential force in the equipment industry and more so, to better meet the needs of our customers. For us, this means more volume, more products, more customers and more recognition. For you, it means deeper discounts, a larger selection of products, a higher level of custom-tailored support and more convenience. Our massive revving of every facet of our business is not speculation, hype, or even planned – its already nearing total completion. Our goal is to be Oklahoma City’s one-stop-shop for all things equipment-related, and that distinction is well within reach.

We look forward to serving you, our customer, in the coming years.


The Ram Products Team

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